16 марта 2010

"Лавка ужасов" выйдет в 2010 году

В санкт-петербургском издательстве "Крылов" началась работа по подготовке к публикации романа А. Вильгоцкого…

20 июня 2011

Выход "Лавки ужасов" в "Крылове" отменён

К сожалению, в связи с закрытием издательством "Крылов" серии "Сумеречный город", в которой предполагалось вып…

13 июля 2011

DarkCity № 63 - уже в продаже

Вышел в свет новый, 63-й номер журнала DarkCity - ведущего российского издания о тяжёлой и тёмной музыке.Данный вып…

01 августа 2011

Завершена работа над новой книгой

31 июля 2011 года была поставлена финальная точка в романе "Воины Церкви".Аннотация произведения:Над Россией сгу…


Suicide Commando

"Implements of Hell"

Out of Line, 2010


Could you ever imagine that crazy (in a good meaning) Belgian workaholic Johan Van Roy will once decide to make a musical experiment? The ones who knows him well would maybe tell that it's impossible. Because all of his art is the one global experiment wich seems quite avant-garde even in company of those grand-masters of the dark scene like Diary of Dreams, Das Ich and Hocico. But, anyway, a new bomb that was thrown out of Johan's aircraft named Suicide Commando, is seems (I mean, sounds) quite unusually even in comparison to the things that he did before.

You may ask me - what's the essence of experiment? To answer you I should ask a counter question. Whether we could assume that Suicide Commando's sound will become more electronic than it ever was (don't forget - it always was the electronic only)? Voilas! It has happened! The album named "Implements of Hell" includes much more hard electronic sounds, beats and samples than Van Roy ever had used before. The most delicious sonic terrorism! But at the same time the sound became a little softer. What it can be compared to? I think the best example is the world of the spirits. In the earlier times almost every song of Suicide Commando was like a sudden drink of vodka, but now... Now the music is mostly like a good old whisky. Also Johan's new music bar includes an "electronic absinthe" and "digital jagermeister" too. "Death Cures All Pain", "Die Motherfucker Die", "God Is In The Rain", "Severed Head", "Hate Me"... "Implements of Hell" is a very strong, impressing cocktail that will immediately knock you down. I recommend it.

Tony Vilgotsky

© Vilgotsky

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